Tshwane 2018 – Participants, updates event calendar and new Anthem

Wir haben heute Nachrichten des Veranstalters bekommen:

Interkultur is excited to start the week with fantastic news and updates:

  1. Find out on which date the competition categories will take place! The updated event calendar is here.
  2. The Honorary Artistic Director of INTERKULTUR, John Rutter, has composed the new anthem for the World Choir Games “One Voice”. The piece will be sung at the opening and closing event  The score is available for download.
    Dr. Michael Barrett, member of the Artistic Committee, has pre-recorded the anthem with his choir “The University of Pretoria Camerata”. Listen here to the recording: https://youtu.be/7q8vmRcaFa8.
  3. You want to know who participates in the event?
    The choir photos have been uploaded to wcg2018.com.